I am a high school student living in the US.  About two years ago, I was reading my US history textbook, learning about slavery in 18th-19th century America.  Looking up from my reading, I asked my dad what he believed future textbooks would say is the biggest problem facing our country today.  He sighed as he told me, believe it or not, it will still probably be slavery, but in a different form: human trafficking.  I sat there and listened, fascinated, as he told me of all the awful practices that still go on all around the world, even here in our first world country.  Since then I have been dedicating my time to learning and researching while simultaneously spreading word.  I am also very passionate about many other social issues on this planet.  Knowing many people who are unaware as to how privileged their lives are, I decided to create a place where people can learn, while I learn too.  My goal is to raise awareness for such problems, help people find ways to get involved, and connect with many others who live as passionately as I do.

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