I took a break from blogging this summer in order to focus on other activities, but I am back with more ideas than ever. With my last year of high school beginning, I have become more aware of the lack of constants in my life, or anyone’s life. School will not always be there, and neither will people. Over the past year I have been separated from many of the key characters in my life, teaching me to look for the constants I do have. One person I have for now, however, is my mom. She has been with me through thick and thin. This may be lame, but my mom is my best friend. She gives much better advice than anyone my age, and she supports me no matter what I choose to do. When people question me about what in the world a degree in English can do for me, she has my back. We disagree on multiple things, but in a way it only brings us closer. I know that no matter what, she will remain a steady constant for me the rest of our lives together.

With friends and teachers disappearing left and right, religion is another constant for me. People can be so fickle, but spirituality will always be a part of my life. It is so calming to have a belief that gives me a purpose. Without it, I would have an incredibly difficult time coping with the constantly changing factors of life.

I will hopefully always have books. Although their use is decreasing by the year, there will always be the few who find refuge from their changing lives between the covers of a novel. If society ever became a nightmare of Bradbury’s, I fear we would lose one of the few constants many of us have in common. Social media and technology is ever-changing, never giving enough time to catch up to the latest update. Books, however, are immortal. I can read modern works or classical philosophy, whichever I choose.

As a person who takes a while to adjust with change, I fear a bit for the future. Socially, I am a progressive activist; I see society’s need for change. But in my own personal life, the constants are what keep me sane. Without them, I lose a sense of meaning, of groundedness. Everyone’s personality is structured very differently, but I am sure there are many others like me out there. This school year, my goal is to learn to adjust to changes and embrace them openly. We’ll see how that goes.

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