Anxiety Poem/Piece

I have been experimenting with both research-based writing (most of this blog) and creative writing. I decided to share a creative piece I wrote during exams.


I sink into my bed of dreams, waiting for Sleep to catch me.
She extends her soft arms,
beckoning me.
I fall into her warm embrace as a cold droplet of liquid descends from the sky.
This isn’t just any type of liquid;
this is a poison.
It finds its way through the clouds
and through the roof
and through the ceiling
straight to me.
The droplet creates a gentle “pluck” as it crashes into my head,
my brain,
my thoughts.
It begins a ripple effect.
My mind starts to wrinkle in waves that spread through my body.
I become stiff as this icey enemy infiltrates my vulnerable, porous tissue.
It seeps through me,
multiplying in number and force until an army of droplets march
across my skin,
through my veins.
They drive off Sleep; she lets out a broken cry as they pierce her with venom.
They tear down my walls.
They destroy my fortifications.
They rule my body.

I am helpless under their power–
until you come.
You take them down, one by one, forcing them from my body.
You cleanse my veins of their disease;
you clear my brain of their virus.
They try to resist,
but you are stronger.
You brush them from my skin as if they are flies,
pushing them into the void.
You look at me.
You smile wearily; you have done this too many times before.
You envelop me in your arms.
You kiss my forehead.
You return me to Sleep.
She cradles me again in her warmth.

Each night I prepare for this battle,
waiting for anxiety to attack.
On the nights it does not,
Sleep whisks me away.
But when the poison finds me,
you are always there–
my protector,
my healer.


I often find that before I can fall asleep, fear and anxiety strike me, making me paranoid about the next days’ worries. The “you” in the piece is up to interpretation, representing whatever helps one to recover from an anxiety attack.


  1. Hi… what a vulnerable and powerful post/poem both.
    I hope this is appropriate to share with you as a post:
    It’s a “long read” and related to anxiety and stress…
    even if for different reasons. If it’s not appropriate, please don’t feel obligated to reply… or read it!

    I am ever amazed at your serious and mature contributions as a writer and feeling thinking young woman. I am grateful to have come across your blog!

    Much peace to you during exams and all life’s trials. They are well worth your effort… I promise! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks so much Sarah for your kind remarks. I knew it wasn’t quite right, altho the author who wrote about the Post Traumatic Stress has strategies for anxiety… Not all of it related to me, as he helps a lot of military Vets and men more specifically, but there is something about somatic healing that is like zen or meditation, that does have much to offer. I no longer suffer from anxiety attacks… and I don’t need medication… so I thought no matter what kind of anxiety you experience there might be some good info for you or others as well.
        Thanks for taking the time to look.
        And truly your poetry is brave and I hope you realize how your voice is a real inspiration.
        Definitely keep writing. You are a natural.

        Liked by 1 person

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