Response to Previous Post

I have been receiving a lot of backlash for my previous post. Maybe I did not make my stance clear: adoption is a wonderful and beautiful practice. The idea of people raising children who are not their own to create a loving family is inspiring.

However, the point I was trying to make is that a small portion of adoptees are kidnapped. I repeat: SMALL.

I received the complaint that, if such a small portion of adoptees are kidnapped, why write an article about it? The simple answer is that, although it may seem small in the large scheme of things, this can completely alter a family’s life. Any kidnapped child is too many.

I have also received complaints that I compared adoption to human trafficking. Maybe I did not make it clear that I was comparing the illegal kidnapping of children to be used for adoption as human trafficking.

Another complaint is that I did not cite my sources. I apologize for this one. Overall, the post was mostly a summary of an episode of investigative journalist Nelufar Hedayat’s docuseries “Traffickers.” My other sources were CNN’s “International adoption: Saving orphans or child trafficking?” and the Human Trafficking Center’s “Trafficking in Children? Actually No–Why Illegal Adoption is NOT Child Trafficking.”

Let me reiterate: adoption is incredible. It can often create loving families for children who otherwise wouldn’t have one. My whole purpose was just to shine a light on a small portion of adoptees.

I hope I settled any qualms you may have had with my previous post. I am just a young adult trying to spread awareness.

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