Florida School Shooting

I know, you’re probably just as tired as I am of reading about this, but I still feel the need to share my thoughts.  

Honestly, I can’t find it in me to be incredibly mournful.  I searched and searched for the agony within me that usually manifests itself after such a tragedy.  I saw it in my friends, family, teachers, and everyone on social media–why not me?

My body and heart are sick and done of mourning for tragedies that could be prevented by the government.  I’m not sad; I’m angry.  How many more need to die before something is done about this?  I believe my mother worded it best: “Congress won’t do anything until their own kids are shot.”  Morbid, but true.  In the past few years, I have seen more and more people, both liberal and conservative, grow to support some type of gun regulation due to the excess amount of shootings.  Why won’t Congress support it? Because the NRA is their beloved baby, burping out millions of dollars for them.

My government teacher showed my class a video of President Obama responding to the nation after each shooting during his 8 years in office.  At the beginning, he looks truly devastated, feeling for the families who were going through such terrible losses.  By the end, however, he seemed exhausted.  At one point he threw his arms up, practically begging Congress to do something.  Obama’s face asked them, “What more can I do?”  I think this video accurately represents how my emotions have evolved as well in response to the multitude of shootings.

Sure, let’s protect our 2nd Amendment rights.  But let’s also protect our rights to “freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” (Declaration of Independence).  There’s no reason advanced military guns should be on the market.  Also, why should it be easier to obtain a gun than a driver’s license?  Both can easily take away lives and should be handled with care.  In some states, it’s even easier to buy a gun than a puppy!

I am passionate about many many things, gun regulation becoming a primary goal of mine lately.  Lives are at stake in this country, and my generation is fighting to save them.

We grew up surrounded by this.  Sandy Hook happened when we were in middle school, and since then we have been surrounded by increasing violence.  Florida is the final straw.  We are taking this into our hands and will make the government hear us.  Who better to listen to than the people who are being shot at?

This year, I can vote.  I am excited and invigorated to know that my voice will be partially heard–but I can’t wait till then.  I will complain to, call, and address Ohio’s representatives.  I will participate in some of the walkouts such as the nationwide one on March 14 at 10am (this one will last 17 minutes, 1 minute for each victim).  I will not stop until I no longer have to fear death at an institution of learning and knowledge.  I’ve had enough.

Update: An easy way to contact your politicians is to text “resist” to 504-09. It’s super convenient!


  1. all good points you made and well written. The “march for our lives” to D.C. and or the call to march in local communities wherever people are and wanna represent is on March 24. The students don’t deserve to be more traumatized by Trump who says to arm teachers and sell more guns.
    I’m feeling sad and angry, but I like how your anger is leading to productive action. To not be overwhelmed but to become active in response is the way to be.
    Great post by YOU and I am glad you wrote it!
    P.S. welcome to your rights to voting! Happy birthday so to speak! 🙂

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