What Bernie Taught Me

I saw Bernie Sanders make a speech about a month ago.  Yes, I know this is quite late to be writing a blog post about him.  No, this will not be a liberal rant in support of his policies.  This will only be a short snippet on what I learned from him.  I have found that the more time I have had to think, the more inspirational I find him.

I truly admire that, after losing the presidential election, he is still so passionate about his cause that he still spreads his message.  Bernie tours around the country to exchange ideas with primarily students, as he believes that they should be informed since they will be the new America.  Also, he’s really old!  I can’t imagine being that old and still going from state to state, fighting for what I believe is right.  He also talks with such vigor and energy, it must be incredibly difficult doing that almost everyday.  

Bernie showed me that no matter what your limits, if you are passionate about something, you should continue doing it for as long as possible.  I am passionate about words.  I love the way words can form emotions and express situations.  A lot of times, however, I get writer’s block.  What can I even write about honestly?  I have an idea for a novel and a baseline for a research paper, but what does that even give me?  Often, I am so exhausted or too unmotivated to even begin to form words.  Bernie told me I can’t stop because I’m afraid.  If I love this, why would I even want to stop?

I don’t want to stop.  I need to get the idea that writing is not an option in my future out of my head.  Yes, it is hard to make money off of writing, but I will find a way to incorporate it into my life, because that’s what Bernie taught me.

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