No Makeup Challenge

A week or two ago, I challenged myself and a few other friends to go a week without makeup.  I had not shown up to school without any for more than two years.  This was terrifying for me.  I made it through the week successfully for the most part, only wearing some on Wednesday, and the challenge left me with a much better mindset.

Halfway through day 1, I was already feeling like crap.  I went to the restroom to see my reflection and wanted to hit the mirror.  Only a few hours in and I was already prepared to quit.  I knew I couldn’t though.  I don’t even look that different without makeup; it had become a safety blanket to me, and I needed to learn how to be confident without it.

Gradually day after day, I became less concerned with how I looked and more focused on how I felt.  By the end of the week I had forgotten to feel self conscious every minute, and I cared very little what I looked like.  I was amazed at what only a week of this could do to me.  I have broken a two year long spell and don’t feel bad about it at all.  I am so proud of myself.

Now I have fun with my makeup and fun without it.  I’m not saying anything against beauty products; it’s just unhealthy for your confidence to be completely dependent on them.  I now focus less on what my face is looking like and more on the beauty coming from my actions.  In my opinion, a full face of makeup can’t even make a brat beautiful.

This was a fun challenge overall.  I can appreciate myself without makeup, and I can see the parts about me it enhances.  It’s not a cloak to hide behind, but a tool to emphasize your already-existing beauty.  This is how the challenge changed my viewpoint on makeup.

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